ORGANIC CLERKS - short pilot
London, 2017
direction + screenplay: michele vicenti
producer: met film school / the big avocado
cast: luis amália, lara gallagher, davide m. marangoni, arthur verron, lucas fairfax, saima ajram, eugénie desforges, archie trueger, josh sinclair and rosie ruthless
cinematography: nacho guzman
art direction: yasmin seddon
sound: akash vincent
first assistant director: megha bali
and: yerol unkel tony
thanks to: barbara matas, met film school, damian burgundy, beehive cafe ealing and moe, mara manzolini, stephan mirré, hannah jane fawcett and matyas bellagamba.

- -
Three quirky guys are opening an organic food shop in a warehouse. The opening is next week, and they are dealing with their BOSS /on a satellitar phone/ who is in Tibet for a spiritual self empowering promotion.
They are also dealing with all the healty eating stereotypes in the big city. Some of them are acting like
total hipsters, other are just obsessed with every single new-age trend.
Will the guys get all things done for the opening?