Freak, Passion, Onion Performing in my own shows, or others’. I've always wanted to be Ingrid Bergman.

2 FOR A FIVER (2018 > )

2 FOR A FIVER is an on going collaboration between performance artists Alice Esmé & Luis Amália.

Our work pays tribute to the place and space in which it

plays out. Site-Specific Movement sequence.
Layer over layer, like a palimpsest.
We queer the hyper-normal, the architecture. We clash costume, music, place, object and movement against one another to create bizarre, grotesque situations. #JustForTheLaughs #ThenPolkaTheSalsa



Direction Luis Amália
Performance (2 for a fiver) Alice Esmé + Luis Amália
Production A Esther Moya le Robaron una Medalla
Chapter 1
—Lola Flores - Ay pena, penita, pena

Chapter 2
—Johann Sebastian Bach - The Brandenburg Concertos
—Sonia y Selena - Con una Mano en mi cintura

Chapter 3
—Simone Biles FX 2016 Music - Samba Mix
—Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude and Fugue No.2

Chapter 4
—Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata op 27 2 Mov 3,  performed by Valentina Lisitsa
—Las Grecas - Te estoy amando locamente

Bizarre situations that start to become ordinary and mundane. Two freaks corrupting gymnastics’ routines and the movements of synchronised swimming and perverting gender roles attached to them.


Creating a new series of hyper-normal, daily life spatial relationships. Adding new layers to the architecture (like Enric Miralles might have done). Dissecting, manipulating and deconstructing. Architecture is also made of the actions that take place in the space. We turn our bodies into architectural axonometrics.

Just for the laughs.

based in London but available for work in Madrid too.
UK (+44) 7523 296575
ES (+34) 680 22 95 45