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Dispensador de Orines' is a self-produce 'frankensteined' video. Created a gift for artist Saro Mixcoatl—@manita_dinamita

It was made in London (by someone that's not from London) for someone who's in Madrid (who is not from Madrid). Amazing how technology, apps and internet allow us to be connected to people we love all over the world.

For many actors & performance artists, self-production during lockdown has been the only way of feeling alive. Of feeling useful. The need of belonging, the no-light at the end of the tunnel. Cancellations have being devastating for many creatives. Self-producing is something that no-one can cancel.

The title and the words may be predominantly in Spanish—with English being present as well.

I was thinking that, there's little time for us foreigners (And I'm using the word foreign deliberately) to express ourselves in our native languages through our art, here in London.

Lockdown has brought, more than ever, the sense of alienation, the lack of belonging, 'the mistake of a forgotten dream'—as Fernando Pessoa might have said.

Both Pocahontas & The Little Mermaid reflect on identity, bodies, belonging and expectation.

'Dispensador de Orines' tries to also reflect on that.


Direction Luis Amália
Assistant Director Adam Zmith 
Voices Luis Amália + Adam Zmith
—Röyksopp feat. Robyn - Monument
—Edward Artemiev - Stalker - Movie Soundtrack

Thanks to Disney on Youtube for letting us palimpsest:
The Little Mermaid (1989, Ron Clements + John Musker)
Pocahontas (1995, Mike Gabriel + Eric Goldberg)

Availabe for work in London, Paris and Madrid.
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ES (+34) 680 22 95 45
FR (+33) (0) 7 49 62 52 90